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Weevily World

We recently caught up with Judisue who runs the incredible Bin Weevils fan blog Weevily World. She was happy to answer a few questions about Weevily World and Bin Weevils.

First, tell me a little of the history behind Weevily World. When did you start it and why?

I began Weevily World in January 2012 and I started it for two main reasons. My first reason was that at that time, Bin Weevils was my God daughter’s favourite game and she really liked the original Bin Weevils “cheat” sites: Wevilly Cheats, Bin-Xtra and Bin Plus.

My God daughter actually made my weevil judisue for me, in the first place, so we could play and chat together on line and because I had more time to play than she did, judisue levelled up quicker than her weevil discowboy did.

As a result of this, discowboy frequently asked judisue for advice, so I decided to create Weevily World as a resource for my God daughter and determined to find out absolutely everything, I possibly could about Bin Weevils, so that discowboy had access to all the Bin Weevils content, he could possibly ever need!

My second reason was that one of my favourite things to do on BW is to make new nest rooms and I wanted somewhere I could keep a record of my favourite rooms and also share them with other people as well.

Running a fan blog can take a huge amount of time, who’s working hard behing Weevily World. Perhaps you can tell us a little about you (and your team)?

Running Weevily World does indeed take up a huge amount of time! I am not working currently and I spend far more time on Weevily World, than most people spend working at their full time occupations!

Fortunately, I enjoy what I am doing very much and I have also been very lucky, to have attracted a number of extraordinary young people, who have helped me with various aspects of the site, as time has gone by.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people I have worked with and to give special thanks to Dramaqueen180, Tyana2005, Mrdisco, thedoctor999 and phurple!

How often do you play Bin Weevils and for how long?

Weevily World takes up so much time that I don’t get to play Bin Weevils anywhere near as much as I used to but I think it’s a great game and there are so many different things to do, I could literally play it all day!

These days, I usually log in to BW several times a day but often, I am only on line for a few minutes at a time. Every day though I like to make time to check my Bin Garden, stamp my Bin Card, grab a Mulch-tastic ticket and make sure my Bin Pet meg, is ok!

Then there’s always the Shopping Mall to visit to look for new nest items and I do like to visit every area in the bin, every day to see if there are any new features anywhere.

I’ll also check back on the in-game blog “What’s New” regularly, to see if I’ve missed anything new to write about.

Many times myself or my authors have posted BW news before it’s actually been posted on the What’s New blog!

If I’ve got time, I’ll log in for longer and many visits that were supposed to be quite short, turn into one, two or more hours spent happily chatting to other weevils!

What are your future plans for Weevily World? Where would you like to see it in a years time?

In the future I’m intending to add more authors to Weevily World. I get lots of blog viewers asking so nicely, to be added as authors and I don’t like turning people down, so I’m currently refining an author recruitment process, so that as many people as possible, can be given an opportunity to join Weevily World.

I’m also looking to further develop the Gardens and Bin Pet pages and to create special Weevily World, SWS mission walk throughs, in both video and written formats.

A year from now, I’d like to see Weevily World include some basic player guides to other kids on-line virtual world games. I’d like pages for Moshi Monsters, Club Penguin and Roblox and also for Foxotic, if that turns out to be as successful as I’m expecting it to.

There’s also a new game out called Big Little Bang and that looks fantastic too!

I’d like very much to help encourage better relations between players of all the different virtual world games. I’ve witnessed quite a lot of antipathy between players of different games and I’d like to see that dispelled. There are so many virtual world games to play and many people have accounts on several games.

I’d like to see all of the games, have a presence on Weevily World, so that players can find their friends from one game, in any of the others.

Online games like Bin Weevils can seem a bit daunting for new players. What’s your advice on getting started?

These days, getting started on Bin Weevils, really couldn’t be simpler!

New players are guided through every step, when they start and there are signposts in game areas, to tell new players what they’re all about.

I recommend new players click on everything, read all text carefully and look closely at everything they see.

If a new player has difficulty with any aspect of the Bin Weevils game, they can ask other Bin Weevils for help.

Some weevils can always be spotted wearing Bin Tour guide hats; a green Top Hat with a signpost on top and these weevils are especially eager to help new players!

What’s your favourite feature of Bin Weevils and why?

My favourite feature of Bin Weevils is my Bin Pet meg! I have had her for nearly two years now and she has 1808 XP, which is quite high for a Bin Pet.

Bin Pets can learn quite a few tricks and meg has learnt them all! Bin Pets can juggle and meg can juggle with nine balls.

I had to teach her fifty separate tricks to earn all the balls; the tricks take progressively more clicks to teach and it took me ages to teach them all!

I really like meg because not only is she very well trained, she also does the most ridiculous random things!

The other day, she fell asleep in front of her food bowel and she is always running backwards and forwards and spinning around for no reason whatsoever.

She also likes to watch judisue’s washing machine and gets really excited when I take her to Flum’s Fountain to play with other Bin Pets.

During the time you’ve been running Weevily World, what’s the best thing that’s happened on Bin Weevils?

I would say the best thing that happened in Bin Weevils was the series of updates that launched last summer.

Lots of features became available to non members, there were lots of people playing and the creation of Track Builder for Weevil Wheels was a stroke of genius!

Unfortunately, almost all of these features have recently returned to being for members only.

I am a member however and recently the benefits of being a member have been well worth the fee. We’ve had lots of new hats and lots of great members only nest items too.

The Easter celebrations were great this year and Halloween and Christmas are especially good on Bin Weevils!

And if we’ve asked about the best thing, then I guess we should ask what the worst, or most disappointing thing has been?

The most disappointing thing has been that the promised Bin Bank of Dosh has failed to appear!

More than a year ago Bin Weevils made a huge fuss about a new bank feature, whereby players would be able to exchange the two types of virtual currency that feature in-game.

Players were to be able to exchange Mulch (which can be earned by all players) for Dosh (which can only be earned by members or bought with actual cash) and vice versa.

The best nest items are all Dosh currency items and everyone was looking forward to turning their Mulch into Dosh but the bank never appeared and worse still, Bin Weevils haven’t bothered to explain what went wrong, to the players.

There have been a few incidences like this and it’s always disappointing.

I was also incredibly disappointed when my Red Noses for Bin Weevils idea was turned down! I thought players could exchange a nominal donation to Comic Relief, for a Red Nose for their Bin Weevil, but the company said, they didn’t feel it was right for them to have children asking their parents, for money for charity in this way, but they are perfectly happy to have children asking their parents for money for virtual currency.

Also, if Bin Weevils didn’t want children asking their parents for money, they could have given players the noses anyway, as Bin Weevils do sponsor Red Nose Day, they could have had players earn their noses, by completing an in-game activity, that would raise their awareness of Comic Relief – raising awareness for a charity, can be almost as valuable as raising funds is!

I also think the recent Bin Weevil changer update, which means that non members, can no longer change the appearance of their weevil, was a big mistake and took a lot of fun out of the game, for many players!

Just like Moshi Monsters, Bin Weevils has been caught out by the rise of mobiles/tablets do you think this will affect the popularity of Bin Weevils in the future?

I think for the future, all virtual world games are going to need to be able to perform, across all devices and platforms.

These days people want to be able to take their games with them everywhere and if they are going to choose one game, above another it’s going to be the one they can play anywhere, on their phone or tablet, as well as on their laptop or pc, at home.

Anything else you’d like to tell us about?

Gosh! I don’t think so … I think I’ve covered pretty much everything here! I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bin Weevil Secrets / Moshi Secrets, for thinking me a worthy subject for interview. I have really enjoyed doing it and I hope I will see some Bin Weevil Secrets / Moshi Secrets blog viewers, come visit us at Weevily World!

Many thanks

Many thanks to Judisue of Weevily World for taking the time to talk to us.

Remember to go and take a look at Weevily World we think it’s one of the best Bin Weevils fan blogs on the net.

You can follow her on twitter @judisue_weevil where she’ll keep you up to date with all the latest Bin Weevils news!


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