First code update on Binweevil Secrets!

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There’s a lot of work starting a new site and we’ve got a long list of things that need doing just to get the basics up and running.

But, despite that, we’ve got the first update to our Bin Weevils Mystery Codes page with new codes for a Lady Wawa Poster and a nifty Colin the Dragon window for your nest.

Please bear with up while we get the site up and running and enjoy the codes!


  1. Lewis Hamelton

    I think Bin Weevils is outstanding and the prizes off the codes are amazing!!!!

  2. aisha

    thanks but doesen’t seem to work

  3. clara


  4. evie

    hay i play bin weevils is well im on level 17 and soon im on level 18

  5. Poppy Morris

    i love moshi monsters and binweevils

  6. Bin Weevil Secrets(Author)

    Sorry, 546hny doesn’t seem to work for us!

  7. hannnah

    write 546hny i will garantey it will work


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