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Sorry for the lack of updates here at Binweevil Secrets. It certainly wasn’t out intention to become quite so dormant.

The good news is that we’re looking at ways to bring some more useful Bin Weevil content, update the codes and provide a new look and feel to the site (by recognise that some great content has to come first!)

It would be really helpful to know what kind of articles you’d like to see here. What are the questions you have about Bin Weevils. Are there any guides or walk-throughs you’d like to see?

We’d be really grateful if you let us know in the comments below.

And sorry once again for the lack of updates!

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To make sure that you don’t waste your time entering codes that no longer work, we’ve tested all the codes on this site.

We do this by creating a new account on Bin Weevils and trying each and every code. Any that have expired get removed from our codes list and placed on the broken codes page.

During the June 2013 audit of all the Bin Weevil Mystery Codes on our list we found that the following codes had expired and no longer worked.

  • 7PUDDING35 (Christmas Pudding)
  • 51GREEN11 (Bonfire night Extinguisher)
  • 271725305257 (Zing’s Gadget Machine)
  • 313227446467 (Mince Pie Sticker)
  • BOTS27547 (Miniature Lab’s Lab Collectable)
  • JINGLEBELLS11 (Hot Chocolate Mug)
  • POSHMERRY7 (Weevil X Bauble)
  • STAR7310 (Snowman Wall Sticker)
  • YESSNOW210 (Snowglobe)
  • ZOMBIES7 (Happy Halloween Poster)
  • GNIPPOHS (Lady Wawa Poster (Posh’s Bin Pet))
  • DOTT769 (Dott and Bin Pets Portrait)
  • ORANGEWAWA6 (Posh Lady Wawa Portrait)
  • ECUASTOH (Gam & Baby Colin Portriat)
  • BINBIRTHDAY50 (50 Mulch)
  • PIRATEMAP (Pirate Map)

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We’ve check all the codes on our Bin Weevil Secret Codes page to make sure that they all work. We did this using a brand new account and trying every code one by one.

This time we found three codes that have expired, so we’ve removed them from the list. These are the codes we’ve removed (remember – these codes won’t work any more)

  • BUNTYZING2 (Posh Halloween Poster)
  • FLAMGARDEN3 (Garden Inspector Poster)
  • SLIMEFREEZE50 (50 Mulch)

The good news is that we’ve just added another couple of new codes to the list too!

Thanks for all the comments!

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There’s a lot of work starting a new site and we’ve got a long list of things that need doing just to get the basics up and running.

But, despite that, we’ve got the first update to our Bin Weevils Mystery Codes page with new codes for a Lady Wawa Poster and a nifty Colin the Dragon window for your nest.

Please bear with up while we get the site up and running and enjoy the codes!

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